Moskinto USA

You have most likely wondered how to stop mosquito bites from itching, but do you ever ask yourself why they itch in the first place?

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

When mosquitoes bite, they break the skin and in turn, this person's body identifies the mosquito's saliva which contains anticoagulant and proteins as a foreign substance. This causes an immune system response which tries to rid of the substance. 

To fight the foreign substances, our body's immune system releases histamine, which is what causes the itchiness and swelling. 

Don't Scratch Bites

When you scratch the bite, this only makes the skin more inflammed which leads to a cycle of worsening itching and swelling. Scratching a bite also heightens the risk of breaking the skin which can lead to an infection and painful wound.


Moskinto patches  are an all natural after bite patch that instantly removes itching and reduces swelling. They are perfectly safe for babies and children since they are chemical free and latex-free!

These patches are water proof as well, so rest assured you can hop in the pool or endure rainy days. Moskinto patches fall of naturally after 5-7 days. Try them out this summer! Available for purchase on Amazon prime in addition to the website.