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ITCH-FREE to do what you love

Stinging insects love the outdoors too. Their itchy bites aren't fun, but we found a way to bring relief fast.

Have a bite? Don't scratch it - patch it!

Using Your Own Body To Heal

We're drug free because you shouldn't have to put chemicals on your body to seek relief.

How do we do it? Our technology lifts the outer layer of the skin gently to creat a draining effect of the itchy substances left behind by mosquitoes. With our Moskinto Patches, relief comes instantly!

A game changer for mosquito bites

All Natural (Chemical-Free)

We stay away from harmful chemicals. Our patent-pending technology uses our own body for healing.

With Moskinto, the patch relieves the body from itching by pulling itchy toxins from the sting.

Easy to Use & portable

Our patches come in portable small container making them perfect for  pockets and bags! 

A simple and easy to use patch.

Kid Friendly mosquito bite patch all natural

Kid Friendly

Bites aren't fun. Kids can learn to take care of their itches in an exciting way by putting on a colorful patch to seek relief!

Don't scratch it, patch it!

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Moskinto Itch-Relief Patch
As wonderful as hiking is, there are some downsides you may experience, including surprise bites by little buggies. Having something like the Moskinto Itch-Relief Patch ($12) handy allows you to take care of itchy annoyances without having to stop your hike. Not dealing with creams or sprays is a wonderful thing.


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