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Moskito Care 14hr Moisturizing Insect Repellent

Moskinto USA


14 hours of protection from mosquitoes, ticks, and more. A repellent that you'll actually want to apply.


Moskito Care provides a moisturizing effect on your skin. Moisturize + Protect with our patented formulation.

14 hours means ALL DAY. Wake up, apply, and go on with your day with peace of mind.

Our patented water-based formulation means Moskito Care is not oily, greasy, or sticky. On top of that, it has a fresh scent!

Our repellent is EPA approved as a "Pregnancy-Friendly" formula. From expecting mothers, to kids, and adults, everyone can enjoy the benefits of our insect repellent.

Quality you can trust. Using 20% Picaridin, formulation is created with everyone in mind. Our skin deserves better.

Dual-Action Pump Spray


Press down firmly for a rich & moisturizing water-based solution


Use our cloud-burst spray by pressing down quickly (as you would any spray)

  • Clean Ingredients Icon Kid, Family, & Pregnancy Friendly
  • Cruelty Free Icon 14 Hours of Protection
  • Dermatologist Tested Icon Moisturizes Skin



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Max H.
United States United States

Jury is still out

I was surprised how small the containers were and expected more moisturizer. I am not sure if the bite I have received on my feet at my home desk were due to insufficient coverage. I am not using other moisturizer first and trying Moskito on top.

Jerrica B.
United States United States

Love this repellent

This repellent is amazing! The fact that my family and I can play outdoors without bugs bothering us is making summer break more enjoyable. The smell of the product is an added bonus.

Heidi M.
United States United States

It Works & Smells Good? Buy It!!

Wow! Wish I’d discovered this stuff sooner! We live in NC where the summers are hot and humid. We live in the country across from a pond and mosquitos are a part of life. This bug spray is more effective than any deep woods sprays (or anything else) that we’ve used. My 7 year old daughter is a mosquito magnet who has terrible reactions to the bites. She gets in a vicious cycle of scratching, bleeding, scabbing and scratching again. It sometimes takes months for her bug bites to go away and I spend an enormous amount of time treating the bites and keeping band aids on them. Her legs look so bad it’s like she has chicken pox. She hates using the other sprays and are things we’ve tried- they smell bad, feel disgusting, get in your mouth, don’t work and are just overall unpleasant to use. I feel like I’ve tried every preventative product and every treatment product there is with no improvement. Since we’ve been using the Moskinto Spray and patches her legs are finally healing and she’s no longer scratching all the time! The spray is like a thin lightweight lotion in a pump sprayer. The scent is very light and pleasant and it feels good to put on your skin. My daughter enjoys putting it on, as do we. And the patches work like magic- the bites stop itching in under 5 mins and it’s like she never got bitten at all. I took pics for ‘before and after’ but there’s no way to load them on here. Our whole family is using these products now and I highly recommend them to our friends, family and anyone else who doesn’t like getting bitten by mosquitos. I really want to say ‘thank you’ for creating products that actually work!! Way to go!! PS I read on the website the active ingredient is very safe with no harmful effects like DEET and yet is just as effective. Look for yourself. I’ll never use DEET again.

Nancy F.
United States United States

A Most Outstanding Product that ACTUALLY WORKS

This product is the absolute best I have ever used. We have a definite mosquito problem here, and our PestControl team (who introduced me to your product) have 3 pots of mosquito "reducing stuff" which helps, but I am still "under attack" throughout the day. While using MOSKITO CARE, I can literally go out and work/read, whatever, in our yard, and know I will not be the meal for multiple mosquitos. Thank you!

Theresa C.
United States United States

Great product

Great for kids that dont like getting bit by mosquitoes