Moskinto USA

6 Count: Family Box Value Pack

Moskinto USA


Don't patch it ,scratch it

Moskinto patches work for as long as you have theme on! Our patches are a no-mess solution that truly work. Just patch and forget.

Quick relief! Moskinto relieves itching & swelling almost instantly thanks to our patent-pending grid-shaped patch design.

With zero intgredients, Moskinto's safe for both kids and adults! Moskinto works via a "mechanical effect", allowing for a lifting effect that drains away itch-causing anti-coagulants via our body's lymphatic system.

Our skin friendly patches are safe for both kids and adults! Latex-free & waterproof means you can be worry free. Moskinto makes treating bites fun.

Moskinto is water-proof. Hope in the shower,go for a jog, or jump in the pool. You'll stay itch-free.