Moskinto USA

Tired of choosing between smelly, greasy bug sprays or endless itching from mosquito bites? Sick of bulky containers and messy creams? Moskinto offers game-changing pest solutions that are convenient and effective for the whole family. Discover the new wave of insect repellents and itch relief!

Spray and Go with Moskito Care Insect Repellent

Our repellent features an innovative formula that finally gives you effective, non-greasy bug protection in a convenient spray. The lightweight moisturizing lotion provides up to 14 hours of relief from mosquitos, ticks, and flies.

The no-mess, fast-drying insect repellent goes on easily. Just spray it on exposed skin or clothing with no oily residue or unpleasant scent left behind. Moskinto’s DEET-free, eco-friendly formula with 20% picaridin is safe for the whole family.

Don’t Scratch It, Patch It

Don’t let mosquito bites ruin your day. Moskinto’s patches revolutionize itch relief. Just peel and apply the grid-shaped patch over any bite. 

The patent-pending technology gently lifts the skin’s outer layer to drain away irritants and stop itching fast. The convenient patches provide instant relief and promote healing.

Carry Moskinto Anywhere – Live Itch-Free!

With sleek, portable packaging, Moskinto products are perfect for an active lifestyle. Toss the compact repellent spray in your pocket or travel bag. Keep patches handy in your purse, gym bag, or first aid kit to relieve itches on the go.

Ditch the mess and odor of old-school creams and sprays. Moskinto’s game-changing pest solutions allow you and your family to be active and carefree outdoors. Don’t get bitten – get Moskinto!