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Summer is here and that means mosquitos, ticks, and other pesky biting insects are out in full force. If you want to enjoy the outdoors without getting bitten, using an effective insect repellent is a must. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which one to choose? 

This article makes the case that the best insect repellents contain an ingredient called picaridin. Never heard of it before? Read on to learn why picaridin is better than DEET and why Moskito Care Insect Repellent is the top choice this summer.

What is Picaridin?

Picaridin is a synthetic compound similar to piperine, the main component of black pepper. It was first made in the 1980s as an insect repellent alternative to DEET, which had been the chemical gold standard for decades. 

Picaridin has been used in Europe, Australia, and other parts of the world for over 20 years. The EPA approved it for use in the United States in 2005. And more recently, the CDC started recommending picaridin as an effective repellent against mosquitoes and ticks.

Why Picaridin is Better Than DEET

There are a few key reasons why picaridin is a better choice than DEET for insect repellent:

  1. It's odorless, non-greasy, and doesn't damage plastics or fabrics like DEET can.
  1. Research shows it provides long-lasting protection similar to higher concentrations of DEET. 
  1. It's safe for use on babies and children over 2 months old. DEET is not recommended for babies under 2 months.
  1. Picaridin doesn't irritate eyes or skin like DEET sometimes can. The EPA considers it a biopesticide with low toxicity for humans.

Now let's talk about why Moskito Care Insect Repellent is the top picaridin pick.

Why Choose Moskito Care Insect Repellent

Our insect repellent contains 20% picaridin, which research suggests is an effective concentration for protection against mosquitos, ticks, and other biting insects. It provides up to 14 hours of coverage.

It has a light, non-greasy formula that is moisturizing when applied. It has a fresh, clean scent and won't damage outdoor gear or clothing.

For anyone spending time outdoors this summer, the recommendation is to choose an insect repellent containing picaridin. It's the best way to protect yourself and your family from mosquitos, ticks, and other pests without harsh chemicals.